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Night of the Living Dead / La nuit des morts-vivants (Anglais seulement)

Réalisateur : George A. Romero

Pays : États-Unis
Année de production : 1968

Acteurs :

Duane Jones
Judith O'Dea
Karl Hardman
Marilyn Eastman
Keith Wayne
Judith Ridley
Kyra Schon
Charles Craig
S. William Hinzman
George Kosana
Frank Doak
Bill Cardille
A.C. McDonald

Direction de la photographie : George A. Romero

Langues : Anglais

Support : DVD
Proportion de l'écran : 1.33 :1

Extras et suppléments :

Newly approved THX transfer
Trainlers/TV Spots
Dual Commentary Tracks featuring creator/director George A. Romero and the entire cast
Film Parody "Night of the Living Dead"
Original Music Soundtrack
Dolby Digital 5.1 Remix
Still Photo Gallery, including rare color photos
The history of Romero's company - The Latent Image
Scenes from the "lost" Romero film "There's Always Vanilla"
Video Interview with "Night ofthe Living Dead's" Judy Ridley
Final interview by star Duane Jones
Foreign and domestic posters and collectibles
Original props
The entire original shooting script
Cast members' personal scarpbooks
THX Optimizer to ensure proper TV / monitor calbration
Romero directed TV spots andshort films
Full color insert featuring liner notes by Stephen King

État / Condition : Usagé  (Comme Neuf --- Très Bonne condition --- Bonne condition)

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