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My Bloody Valentine / Meurtre à la St-Valentin (Anglais seulement)

Réalisateur : George Mihalka

Pays : Canada
Année de production : 1981

Acteurs :

Paul Kelman
Lori Hallier
Neil Affleck
Keith Knight
Alf Humphreys
Cynthia Dale
Helene Udy
Rob Stein
Thomas Kovacs
Terry Waterland
Carl Marotte
Jim Murchison
Gina Dick
Peter Cowper
Don Francks
Patricia Hamilton
Larry Reynolds
Jack Van Evera
Jeff Banks
Pat Hemingway

Musique : Paul Zaza

Direction de la photographie : Rodney Gibbons

Langues : Anglais
Sous-titres : Anglais

Support : Blu-Ray
Proportion de l'écran : 1.85 :1

Extras et Suppléments:

  • Theatrical and Uncut Version
  • "An Anemic Valentine" - Interview with Director George Mihalka
  • "Friends Of Mine" - Interview With Actress Lori Hallier
  • "Axel, Be My Valentine" - Interview with actor Neil Affleck
  • "From the Hearth" - Interview with actor Paul Kelman
  • "Becoming Sylvia" - Interview with actress Helene Udy
  • "the Secret Keeper" - Interview with Actor Rob Stein
  • "Broken Hearts and Broken Bones" - Interview with special Make-up Artist Tom Burman
  • "Holes in the Heart" - A Look at the difference Between the Theatrical and Uncut Versions
  • Theatrical Trailer / TV Spots / Radio Spots / Still Gallery
  • Audio Commentary with Director George Mihalka
  • My Bloody Valentine 35th Anniversary Cast Reunion Panel at the Bay of Blood Convention In florida
  • Thomas Kovacs Performs "the Ballad of HJarry Warden" at the bay of blood Convention with Peter Cowper and jim Murchison

État / Condition : Usagé  (Comme Neuf --- Très Bonne condition --- Bonne condition)

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