House M.D. (The Complete Series)


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House M.D. / Dr House

L'intégral des 8 saisons

(Saison 1 à 7 en français et anglais, saison 8 en anglais seulement)

Réalisateur :

Greg Yaitanes
Deran Sarafian
David Straiton
Daniel Attias

Pays : États-Unis
Année de production : 2004-2012

Acteurs :

Hugh Laurie
Omar Epps
Robert Sean Leonard
Jesse Spencer
Lisa Edelstein
Bobbin Bergstrom
Jennifer Morrison
Peter Jacobson
Olivia Wilde
Kal Penn
Odette Annable
Charlyne Yi
Anne Dudek
Jennifer Crystal Foley
Amber Tamblyn
Liz Benoit
Stephanie Venditto
Sela Ward
Michael Weston
Ron Perkins
Edi Gathegi
Cynthia Watros
David Morse
Karolina Wydra
Tracy Vilar
Chi McBride
Zena Grey
Andy Comeau
Currie Graham
Maurice Godin
Diane Baker
Ingrid Sanai Buron
Andre Braugher
Cindy Lu
Hira Ambrosino
Nigel Gibbs
Paula Marshall

Musique :

Jason Derlatka
Jon Ehrlich
Christopher Hoag
Jeremy Sweet

Direction de la photographie :

Gale Tattersall
Roy H. Wagner
Anthony Gaudioz
Walt Lloyd
Newton Thomas Sigel
Cort Fey
James Dillinger

Langues : Anglais, Français (Saison 1 à 7) / Anglais (Saison 8)
Sous-titres : Anglais, Espagnols

Support : DVD
Proportion de l'écran : 1.78 :1

Distributeur :

Extras et suppléments :

Saison 1 :


-Medical Cases

-The concept

-Set Tour


-Casting Session with Hugh Laurie


saison 2:

-An Evening with House

-Blooper Reel

-Alternate Takes: The Valley Girl Versions

-It Could Be Lupus...

-Producer Commentaries


saison 3:

-House Soundtrack Session with Band from TV

-Anatomy of An Episode : The Jerk

-Blood, Needles and Body Parts: The House Prop Department

-Open House : The Production Office

-Blooper Reel

-Commentary from the Show's Creative Team

-And More...


saison 4:

-House's Soap: Prescription Passion

-New Beginnings

-Meet The Writers

-The Visual Effects

-Anatomy of a Scene: The Bus Crash

-My Favorite Episode So Far

-House's Head Commentary with Creator/Executive Producer David Shore and Executive Producer Katie Jacobs


Saison 5:

-House Meets A Milestone: The 100th Episode

-Looked In Commentary with Writer/Producer David Foster and Writer/Executive Producers Russel Friend & Garret Lerner

-Keeping It Real: Accuracy in Writing

-Dr. Mom: Cuddy's Storyline

-Anatomy of a Teaser

-House Guests: Casting the Show


Saison 6:

-Before Broken : An Exclusive Original Short

-A Different POV: Hugh Laurie Directs

-A New House for House

-New Faces In A New House

-Episode Commentaries


Saison 7:

-Meet Martha Masters

-Huddy Dissected: House and Cuddy, A Behind-the-Scenes Look At The New Couple

-Anatomy of an Episode: Bombshells

-Thirteen Returns : Olivia Wilde Comes Back as Dr. Remy Thirteen Hadley

-Episode Commentaries


Saison 8:

-House, M.D. Swan Song

-The Doctor Directs: Behind-the-Scenes with Hugh Laurie

-Everybody Dies: A Postmortem

État / Condition : Usagé  (Comme Neuf --- Très Bonne condition --- Bonne condition)

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