Bee Gees : One Night Only


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Bee Gees : One Night Only

Réalisateur : Michael Simon

Pays : États-Unis
Année de production : 1997

Acteurs :

Barry Gibb
Robin Gibb
Maurice Gibb
Matt Bonelli
Ben Stivers
Céline Dion
John Merchant
Andy Gibb
Frankie Valli
Steve Gibb
Alan Kendall
Olivia Newton-John
Steve Rucker
Chloe Lattanzi
John Travolta

Musique : Bee Gees

Direction artistique : Cindi Sfinas

Langues : Anglais

Support : DVD
Proportion de l'écran : 4 :3

Extras et suppléments :

The songs are: "Massachusetts" and "I Started a Joke" , "Words", "To Love Somebody", and "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart", "Night Fever", "You Should be Dancing", "Stayin' Alive", and "Grease", "Alone", "Still Waters", "Closer than Close", "I Gotta get a message to You", "Islands in the Stream", "One", "Lonely Days", "Morning of My Life", "New York Mining Disaster 1941", Too Much Heaven", "I can't see nobody", "Run To Me" "And the Sun Will Shine", "Nights On Broadway", "Heartbreaker", "guilty", "tragedy", "Jive Talking", and "how deep is your Love". Included is a very moving tribute/duet to/with brother Andy done to the song "Our Love", and other artists are recognized--Frankie Valli, Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta. Celine Dion is the special guest who does a duet on the song "immortality".

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